The artworks from our Rust Never Sleeps collection consist of a unique collection of oldtimers that are located on a private site near Düsseldorf (Germany). Lovers get the tears in their eyes when they see this unique collection of cars, left at the mercy of Mother Nature. Although otherwise suggests, the owner Michael Fröhlich is a huge fan of classic cars. He put this collection of 50 cars in his backyard when he celebrated his 50th birthday in the year 2000. And you already guessed it … all cars are built in 1950.

“Nature is stronger than technology, and I will show it here,” said Michael, who has undoubtedly succeeded in representing the power of nature. Nature triumphing over one of the most revered properties of man; the car.


Our photographer Hessel Bosch visited this unique place and recorded the works of art on the sensitive plate. And that in a way that Hessel only can. With a unique feeling for the right light and always from the right angle. Piece by piece works of art that should not be missing in any Automotive related company.




PS: to prevent illegal downloading, all images shown are ‘watermarked’ with the name Hessel Bosch. It goes without saying that all images are signed by Hessel, but in reality only in the lower right-hand corner of every work of art. For an additional charge you can purchase a so-called explanation board with which text and explanation is given about the purchased artwork.





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