I am there and doing something about it!


In my opinion, we are all faced with this sooner or later; Someone in the family/friends or maybe yourself, who is or is being hit by cancer. Unfortunately, I can also share experiences in this area. The most violent was my colleague and good friend Janine, who died of this terrible disease at a very young age. This has had a tremendous impact on me, but also for my colleagues.

Also the situation of Carola, wife of my friend and business partner Mark van ‘t Schip, has struck me deeply. She is treated in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital Amsterdam against the effects of metastatic melanoma cancer. Fortunately she responds well to the immunotherapy, which she undergoes. Yet the disease returns somewhere in her body every time. Besides that Carola is undergoing heavy treatments and has her daily (household) worries and work, she has also been active in local politics for over 20 years. For years as a group chairman and now as a municipal councillor in Heerhugowaard. In addition, Carola also launched an benefit action called www.Carolahelpt.nl for the purpose of collecting money for a immunotherapy investigation conducted by Prof. Dr. Christian Blank, internist-oncologist at The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam. This research will help to make immunotherapy patient purposeful. So it is not a collection action for Carola herself.

I have decided not saying any longer ‘I stood there and looked at it’ but ‘I am there and doing something about it!’ and help Carola to support her action and thus make the research of Prof. Dr. Blank possible. I ask you to help me with this.

From personal experience I can say that a charity support makes you happy. Especially when you buy something special. Preferably an object with which you are confronted every day and you permanently remember having supported this charity. This gives a tremendously fine feeling and you will find out that it puts a smile on your face every time. Go to our website www.ikstaerbijendoeerwataan.nl where you can buy special art and more information. The gross profit (approximately 50%) of all your purchases will be transferred by us to this charity.No place or no art lover? You can also only donate via this website. All contributions are very welcome.
Moreover, thanks to various actions of sponsors and direct donations Carolahelpt.nl has actual already delivered more than €200.000,- euro. A tremendous feat but not enough. The research continues and so there is a constant need for a lot of money. So order one or more works of art and make Carola, her family, Prof. Dr. Blank, worldwide all people who benefit from this research, me, my colleagues, but in particular yourself happy.

On behalf of everyone many thanks for your contribution. We wish you a very good year in good health and prosperity!

Rudi Keppels
Techno Benelux BV

PS: Suppose there comes a breakthrough through this review! Then we all benefit from it and you can say that you have been part of it. Beautiful yet and especially priceless!!!

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